Trust that everything happens for a reason. Trust that everything will make sense in the right time. Trust that you’ll smile tomorrow. Trust that when mountains don’t move as you wanted, something more magnificent is in store. Trust that when you fall, someone will catch you. Trust that if your dream blows up, it wasn’t meant to be. Trust that a better dream is your destiny. It lies in the deepest part of your heart.

Tears running down your cheeks are healing. There may be a reason for getting no answer. The mistake you made today is a lesson for tomorrow. Trust.
The sun rises and sets every day. You don’t forget to breathe when you’re sleeping. Hearts beat without intention. Trust your heart.

Without trust, you will forget how to breathe. Trust in truth. Pursue truth. Truth is the foundation of security that protects your heart. Find your verse and run towards it like a gale force wind. 

Have faith, beautiful.


It’s Ok.

I want to remind you and me… It’s ok. It’s ok to be sad. It’s ok to be angry. It’s ok to not know. It’s ok to cry. It’s ok to be stressed. It’s ok to be vulnerable. It’s ok to be lost. It’s ok to be uncomfortable. It’s ok to fall. It’s ok to feel alone. It’s ok to be wrong. It’s ok to say yes. It’s ok to say no. It’s ok to just need to sleep. It’s ok to feel like you want to give up. It’s ok to not feel anything at all. It’s ok to feel absolutely anything you’re feeling right now. It’s ok because we are human.Feelings are temporary. They come and go. They’ll come back, but it’s ok. Look for moments when you can make an impact. You can make an impact. I promise. It might be as simple as smiling to a stranger. We often forget that the simplest gestures can go a long long way. Look in a mirror and tell yourself you’re incredible. Because you are truly an incredible human being and this world needs you.
This index card is pinned it to a bulletin board in my bedroom. When my feelings deceive me, I look at it as a reminder that everything really will be ok. I encourage you to do the same.

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Sending you a hug through your screen,

Question & Answer YouTube Video ?????

Hi Lovlies!
I’m so thankful for everyone following my journey and showing support. You all encourage me and I don’t think I would still be sharing my most vulnerable stories if it weren’t for you all.
I’m thinking of doing a Question & Answer YouTube video.
This would allow for my followers to ask me questions and I would reply to all of them via a YouTube video. I wouldn’t share your name, just the question. 
If you have a question for me email me here:
I’m not shy, so ask anything you want! It can be as personal or as general as you wish. I’m opened to any and all questions!
Thank you!!! Xx
Jacqueline – Finding My Verse

Wounds Make You Beautiful

I stripped my emotions naked; all feelings laid out in front of me. I wanted to refuse my emotions, because emotions are exhausting, and I didn’t feel like dealing with them. Processing your feelings is a long, draining process, like dripping acid on a wound. But I forced myself to write down every single thing I felt…. Every…. Single…. Thing. Every negative, ugly, lie fogging my sight. We aren’t meant to stay wounded. We are supposed to persevere through our difficulties and challenges in order to heal and add maximal value to the world….that’s living! By remaining stuck in the power of our wounds, we block our own growth and potential. We miss out on the growth they offer – the strength and wisdom we are meant to receive through them. Wounds are the means through which we enter the hearts of ourselves and other people in our lives. They give us an appreciation of life that fills us with gentleness, compassion, and a deep loving concern. They make us beautiful. We need to eliminate avoidance if we want to reach our highest potential. It’s there and we can get there, but ONLY if we make the decision to do whatever it takes to heal the bruises received from falling along our yellow brick road. Even though pain or agony will knock us unconscious at times, we must wake up and keep trudging along. You’ll find your verse. The process is exhausting, but we will get through all the ugly wounds. A heart that can overcome the wounds will make you beautiful…….

Everything Really Will Be Okay

  {Nov. 17, 2015} I made some hot tea and thought to myself, “It’s all going to be okay.” I wrapped my cold hands around the hot mug and felt the warmth soak the coldness away. I looked up at the stars and remembered that the world is much bigger than I am and there is so much more out there than my brain can comprehend. Then I turned to the moon and smiled knowing I’m not the only one mesmerized by its beauty at this exact second. One second can turn into forever. The second you cry, “yes” to the man you love down on one knee in front of you turns into forever. My heart fills with sadness thinking about the tragedy that occurred in Paris recently. In just one second the world changed forever. The second that first bomb went off, nothing would be the same. Many wonder how something so horrific could happen if there is a God out there. Without darkness in the night, would we be able to see the stars? Times of darkness help us see the light. The simple moments of pleasure are sweeter and the beauty this world contains remind me that everything really will be okay.

I’m Okay Today

I’m okay today. After 14 hours of sleep, I feel fantastic.Yesterday was a different story….
It was 1:00pm and I was driving home from a wonderful lunch date with my grandparents.
My right leg slowly and unexpectedly started going numb. Then my heart rate increased. I started panicking. I pulled over into a random parking lot. I couldn’t breath. I was hyperventilating. My heart hurt from the intense crying. I squeezed my chest until the pain went away.
My brain processed what was going on, “You’re having a panic attack.”
I was by myself, no one to comfort me. I had to take care of myself and be strong enough to get through this one alone. This is the first panic attack I experienced without anyone around me. Another step along my yellow brick road.
I kind of feel embarrassed sharing this experience, but I know I’m not alone.
There is an orchestrated time for everything. All moments in life happen at a certain time for a specific reason. We have to be continually prepared to deal with whatever may be thrown at us.
Chemicals change in the brain after it is injured. Unfortunately, the need for excess sleep and chemical fluctuations that lead to panic attacks and more extreme mental health issues are common. I didn’t have panic attacks before this. I did have frequent anxiety about life situations and the future, but that instantaneously went away. Who can figure! Medical research does not know why. It is unpleasant and unpredictable, but real.
I know there is a divine design for EVERYTHING. Nothing is random. Although, sometimes situations seem to occur out of nowhere, they were designed to happen that way for a reason to prepare us for the future.
Life is a mystery. It is a giant game of Clue. Those wonderful moments when we solve one mystery we exclaim, “Oh! That’s why that happened!” Boy I wish that would happen more often!
But there will be more games… As attractive as it is to be physically tough, it’s even more attractive to be mentally tough.
I choose not to focus on the tears of challenges and defeats; I choose to smile because I have been placed on this journey to find my verse.

Sweet Ripening

If everything was a guarantee, we wouldn’t ripen. Possibility keeps me going. As frustrating as the unknown is, the future excites me. Not knowing what’s next makes me want to run faster. Curiosity makes me hungry, not wanting to let possibilities fall through my fingers like sand.. Hunger that excites your mind. I’m the type of person who wants to know everything about everything. I crave knowing the unknown like a pregnant woman craves chocolate. Once I can say I discern my future – fulfilling my verse will firework in my soul.